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geopandas - How to install it on Windows

October 13, 2019   Vukasin Vulovic     0 Comments

Installing geopandas on Windows can be tough, with all version conflicts, .whl files, pip packages, there are a lot of issues, but, here is a complete tutorial on how to write it.

Magento 2 - Setup Development Environment With Hyper-V on Windows

September 20, 2019   Vukasin Vulovic     0 Comments

Setting up Magento 2 Development Environment can be challenging, but, with Hyper-V it's really easy

Logging your application with Log4Net

July 16, 2019   Vukasin Vulovic     3 Comments

In order to better understand behaviour of your application and understand how your users are using it, you need to have a logging mechanism in

Which questions should you ask your next CTO when hiring?

June 17, 2019   Vukasin Vulovic     0 Comments

In order to make your company stand out, be prepared to explain what makes your business unique. Who does your business serve, and how do you affect people’s lives? Be prepared to give honest, enthusiastic answers to these questions if asked. Even if you know what you’re looking for in a candidate, finding a chief technology officer can be intimidating. These are those questions which I will definitely recommend to ask while interviewing your next startup CTO.

SaaS Market Trends for 2019

May 30, 2019   Vukasin Vulovic     0 Comments

The SaaS market is a highly competitive one. The question is no longer whether or not businesses are on-board SaaS to cut storage costs to significant values. Intuit data reveals 85% of small business owners plan to invest more in SaaS solutions that by 2020, SaaS will be the most disruptive technology. On average, enterprises across industries utilize between 25 to 100 SaaS applications.

Working with Doctrine Symfony Part 2 - Creating Entities, creating fields, doing migrations

May 22, 2019   Vukasin Vulovic     0 Comments

So, we have our Doctrine setup done, we will start creating Entities

Working with Doctrine Symfony Part 1 - Installing bundles and understanding main concepts

May 21, 2019   Vukasin Vulovic     0 Comments

In this post we will be looking at Doctrine, how to install it and going through some main concepts

How to detect Country, City, Locale from Ip Address in Symfony

May 20, 2019   Vukasin Vulovic     11 Comments

Great tutorial on how to detect Country, City, Locale from an IP address without using third party service APIs, but instead, using local database

Building a Remote Development Team

May 14, 2019   Vukasin Vulovic     0 Comments

Building a development team can be difficult and challenging from the start. Building a remote development team, well...you can imagine that the challenge moves up a knot. You want to create a team that you can manage from any part of the world. Either that you are traveling, or members of the team are, or simply by your distributed nature, you need to have an effective cohesive team.

Technology Stack Explained for Non-Technical Business Owners

May 09, 2019   Vukasin Vulovic     0 Comments

There is a popular belief that a technology stack can either make it or break it when it comes to building your software product. That before even a single line of code gets written, you need to carefully select a technology stack that is bound to determine your product’s success.

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