Building a Remote Development Team

Building a development team can be difficult and challenging from the start. Building a remote development team, well...you can imagine that the challenge moves up a knot. You want to create a team that you can manage from any part of the world. Either that you are traveling, or members of the team are, or simply by your distributed nature, you need to have an effective cohesive team.

Identify your need

Why do you want to build up a remote development team in the end? We have a couple of reasons why we chose remote:

  • Saving money - we have been telling you in previous posts about the benefits building your software team with remote talent and making your office an online one
  • Reduce costs - finding a developer outside your area can downsize the expenses
  • Working with diverse and interesting people
  • Different viewpoints
  • Different ways of thinking

Treat them all the same

It can be easy to build a core team that is available at an office where you also work, that work through a specific way, and randomly manage the remote team. But, is that fair? And more especially: is it fair to your company?

You don’t have to go completely remote from the beginning. You can easily use the same tools and processes as in managing the office team to manage the remote one and treat all the same. So, indifferent where your team is, they have the same day-to-day practices and keep the level of functionality the same.

Loads of documentation

Asynchronous communication is the main communication in a remote development team. Beside the difference that comes from time zones, there’s a difference of schedules in general as well. We have found to love this type of communication indifferent of where you are. You can:

  • Leave comments
  • Ask for feedback
  • Integrate tools

Hiring experienced remote talent

This is not a job for anyone. Basically, you are somehow your own boss when it comes to administration of your schedule. It can be really hard to have the self discipline and self motivation for remote work. Having somebody in your company that has done it before, can join your team really fast and also can actually help you in developing a remote team even more. No one says to not hire people that haven’t done freelancing. Give them a chance. But also get some people that can really guide you into moving forward.

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