Dire Solutions - When Problem is Dire!

Dire Solutions is a team of highly skilled individuals who are specialized in IT technologies.

Our Developers have worked on many Big Projects and know what it is to be Veteran in the Business and how to tackle each and every problem.

Website Development

From static Wordpress sites to fully functional Platforms, APIs, Scrappers and Identity Servers we got you covered. We can use whatever technology you want, but, we are most proficient with .NET,PHP,Angular,React and Python.

Software Development

Any kind of Software need, from Windows WPF's and Services, to Image Recognition Software, Data Analytics, SQL Scripts, Dashboards, we know all and have done it at least once. We mostly use C#, Python, but we are open to all technologies and languages.


Our testers are equipped with a wast arsenal of tools for both manual and automatic testing. They are skilled in finding issues, writing documentations and writing tasks and tickets so our Development teams can do their job without a hassle.

Project Management

We are using Scrum as a Project Management framework in order to achieve our Client's goals and meet all deadlines. As per Client's needs, we use Jira and Active Collab, Redmine.

System Administration

We have an awesome System Administrator who is maintaining all our Development servers and, if needed, maintain Client's Systems as well.


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